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   If you enjoy creating useful and reliable applications for Windows, then Visual Basic is for you! It is a powerful programming tool for a wide set of problems: mathematical computations, modeling, graphics (using DirectX), etc. Visual Basic programming environment provides comfortable set of tools for making the process of designing GUIs really simple and quick. That’s why many programmers use Visual Basic for developing GUI applications (using drag-and-drop techniques) but often realize programming functionality with the help of additional dynamic libraries (DLLs).

   Visual Basic is object-based and event-driven programming language released by Microsoft in 1998. The syntax is relatively simple and allows learning the basics of Visual Basic programming just after a couple of lessons. With Assignment4Student service you will get efficient support and help with Visual Basic assignments, learn new material and receive exclusive solutions for your problems! To cover more specific spheres there are different derivatives of Visual Basic:

  • VB .NET compiles and runs using .NET framework;

  • VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) works with different Office applications, AutoCad, ArcGis, etc.;

  • VBScript is used in client-side web scripting;

  • Gambas is a free language compatible with Visual Basic.

   Despite the criticism of programming principles, it remains very popular and continuously improved by programmers. Visual Basic is included into the Microsoft Visual Studio, has a wide community of fans and you can find many manuals for deep understanding of programming techniques.

   Read more information about Visual Basic help on Home Page and How It Works Page.

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