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   What is Ruby? It is a red colored jewel which is also used in lasers. But Yukihiro Matsumoto brought one more meaning to this term in 1995. He wanted to create an object-oriented programming language which would be as convenient and easy-to-use for developers as possible. Ruby inherited the most useful features of Perl and Python but it was not available for the publicity for a long time. Later on manuals were translated from Japanese and it became popular in the programming world. Nowadays Ruby is a dynamic cross-platform object-oriented programming language. One of the main principles of the Ruby project is comfortable, simple and quick programming process which makes it very attractive for developers. It includes such features as: completely object-oriented principles, exceptions, operator overloading, multithreading, dynamic typing, garbage collector and a big variety of additional libraries.

   Assignment4Student has a professional team of developers so you will get your help with Ruby assignments in time and with the highest quality. You will get a new unforgettable experience in your Ruby project. Comfortable coding process is of the highest priority in Ruby. Ruby is a scripting language (like Python and Perl) but it also allows developing web-applications (using Ruby on Rails framework). Some programmers say that Ruby is a logical result of evolution of programming languages. It combines a lot of benefits of different programming languages (Java, C, C++, SmallTalk, Perl, PHP, Python, Eiffel, Scheme, CLU, Sather, Lisp):

  • all types are objects (even integers and strings)

  • allows inheritance (not multiple inheritance)

  • advanced garbage collecting algorithms

  • automatic conversion from integers to long integers

  • integrated design patterns (e.g., singleton)

  • multithreading is independent from operating system

  • exceptions

  • doesn’t require prior declarations of variables

  • and more other…

   As for another practical usage, there also exist specific IDEs for developing mobile apps on Ruby for Android and iOS. Visit our Home Page and How It Works Page to read more information about help with Ruby assignments.

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