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PHP (HyperText Preprocessor) – is a widely used scripting language for web development of server-side applications. The syntax has much in common with C, Java and Perl. It is relatively simple to learn by web-masters that decided to try themselves in coding for the first time. One of the advantages of PHP script is independence from client’s computer power and properties, or a browser because it works on a server side (as opposed to JavaScript). PHP generates and converts not only HTML documents but also images (.jpeg, .png, .gif), PDF files and Flash. It stores data in any text form, including XHTML and XML. With Assignment4Student help with PHP assignments you will become a successful php developer.

PHP is a cross-platform technology and it is available for Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS and many others. It is supported by almost all types of web servers and hosting providers. PHP works with MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL and other databases. This language is used in the cores of such “giants” as Wikipedia and Facebook.

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