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Oracle database is a relational database management system (RDBMS). The first version was realized in 1979 – it was Oracle v2 DBMS. It couldn’t support transactions but allowed to work with the main part of SQL functionality. After a long period of evolution it is among the world’s leaders in database management. You can make Oracle database help to work with Java, C, C++, XML, use concepts such as OLTP and OLAP. But Oracle environment doesn’t consist only of the DBMS. It is a complex of products from different spheres such as: DBMS, Application development software, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Applications, etc.

The first step to become a good database administrator (DBA) is to learn the basic principles of database systems, terminology, database normalization and, of course, learn how to create a database. A database consists of tables and every table is a set of columns that keep the data in the cells. A database development consists of several stages. First of all you create a logical data model with entities (and their fields, primary and foreign keys) and relations between them. This will help in Oracle database organization and give you in-depth understanding of the problem. After that you implement the database with tables and columns according to the physical data model. To cope with assignments at breakneck speed and get a full mark contact Assignment4Student experts to get a professional help with Oracle assignment.

What is Oracle’s contribution into database management techniques? Oracle Corporation developed PL/SQL – an extension to the standard SQL language. The first version was realized in 1991. Now you can manipulate objects and data, loops and conditional statements, other features of most of programming languages.

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