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OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is a programming cross-platform independent interface for graphics hardware. It can be used for creating 2D and 3D applications. OpenGL is stable, reliable, portable and easy in use API. It was developed by Silicon Graphics Inc. in 1992. There are effective OpenGL realizations for Windows, Unix, Play Station and Mac OS. Having a good basic package for work with 3D applications helps students to understand the key topics of Computer Graphics course.

Working with OpenGL project leads to deep understanding of 3D modelling, rendering, texturing, animation. You can create simple video games (Tetris 3D, Snake, Tanks etc.), animated cartoons, different kinds of applied programs for simulation physics (e.g., bouncing ball imitation, flight simulation, virtual reality) and realistic 3D objects/models (towers, buildings, landscapes...). Assignment4Student will help with OpenGL assignment of any type and any level. Be sure to get a professional support and learn every detail of the solution. We have a full pack of tools and extensions you may need in your project. We also use GLU, GLUT, GLAUX and other extended libraries in OpenGL project (if you need these features). So, when you have some specific needs for your project, Assignment4Student will help with OpenGL assignment as soon as you need.

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