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We have the world of computer networks surrounding us. It is a result of the progress of both computer and telecommunication technologies. On the one hand networks are a computational system in which a group of computers solve closely connected tasks, exchanging data with each other in automatic mode. On the other hand it is an effective method of data transferring for long distances. The historical reason for networking project as a connection of a group of computers was resource sharing. So, the users and computer applications get an automatic access to common resources of other computers connected to the same network such as:

  • peripheral devices (disks, printers, scanners, …)

  • data stored in RAM or external storage device

  • computational power (as you can run your programs on other computers)

Traditionally client-server architecture is used in networking project. These two logical parts of every networking program are separated by their own specific set of duties. Client is a module for generating and sending messages-queries to outer resources from different applications, and then receiving the results from the network. Server is a module that is constantly waiting for the queries from clients and processing them. For example, you use client-server architecture for Internet surfing (web-browser is a client and web-server is a server). It can be seemed a bit difficult at first glance but Assignment4Student will help with networking assignment so you learn the material and understand every detail. Computer networks can be easily classified: LAN or WAN, wired or wireless, packet-switched networks or circuit-switched networks, primary networks or overlay networks, etc. With cloud computing, social networks and online education the role of the Internet and computer networks grows extremely fast.

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