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Excel – the product of Microsoft Corporation is among the most popular applications worldwide! It can be used separately as well as a part of MS Office suite. In 1985 MS Excel was first developed for Mac platform, 2 years later it was created for Windows. The idea was pretty simple but fantastic: to make a user-friendly table processor with “smart” cells for storing data and formulas. It allowed changing fonts, symbols and cell parameters, so it became one of the favorite apps in this category very soon. As the abilities of new tool grew, more and more calculations were made with Excel help. Starting from 1993 Excel was powered by Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) that allowed using macros and optimizing Excel solutions.

Excel solutions are compatible with different editors, applications and systems. There are special plugins (e.g. Adobe Flash Player) and frameworks (e.g. ActiveX) for web pages that use Excel tools. Later versions of Excel provide a wide set of tools for data analysis, visualization and statistical computations. Therefore it is frequently used in applied statistics when you solve real-world problems or work with some project. That makes sense for learning more about Excel as an important and useful tool for solving applied problems and homework assignments. Here, with Assignment4Student outstanding service you will get exclusive help with Excel assignments. With Excel help and Assignment4Student professional team you will get efficient and elegant solutions of your homework problems in Statistics, Probability Theory, Data Analysis, Calculus, Optimization, Mathematical Economics, Modeling, Quantitative Methods, etc. Excel is something more than simply a program for work with tables. It allows:

  • economical computations

  • statistical analysis

  • data analysis

  • graphics tools

  • VBA programming

  • file formats that are compatible with other applications

Learn more about how to use Excel for solving applied problems! Visit our Home Page and How It Works Page to find more info about help with Excel assignments. Below see the sample of help in Excel worked out by our experts:

Excel assignment (.pdf) and Excel solution (.xls)

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