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Despite some people think Lisp is Lots of Irritating Superfluous Parentheses, it is not quite so. There are many interesting “myths” about Lisp. Through these myths you’ll get more understanding about the structure of Lisp and Lisp assignment that can be solved (meaning the sphere where Lisp can be applied).

Myth 1: “Lisp is a programming language”. Actually Lisp is a family of programming languages (LIst Processing Language) that use linear lists for programs and data representation. It has a lot of different dialects such as: Common Lisp (the most frequently used), Scheme, Rep, ISLisp, etc. Nevertheless it is traditionally called a “programming language”.

Myth 2: “Lisp is an old-fashioned language used for solving Artificial Intelligence problems”. Lisp was designed by John McCarthy mainly for Artificial Intelligence research. However different Lisp dialects are used in various spheres nowadays: science, industry, education, medicine, airplane engineering, and so on and so forth. Lisp is used as a scripting language in:

  • AutoCad as a language of extensions (AutoLisp)

  • Emacs text editor (Emacs-Lisp)

  • Sawfish window manager for Gnome (Rep)

  • highly dynamic 3D games (Goal)

  • GNU Image Manipulation Program uses Lisp

Myth 3: “You use only lists and symbols in data representation”. Lisp also has various data types for strings, arrays, hash tables, structures and in/out streams. Moreover, Common Lisp standard maintains a system for object-oriented programming CLOS which gives even more abilities than, for example, C++.

Myth 4: “Lisp is too complicated and hard for learning”. A bit “inconvenient” syntax gives a lot of benefits:

  • no priority rules

  • no difference between a function, operation and operator

  • extended set of symbols

  • language extensiveness

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