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Using only HTML in your website makes it pure and static. It is not enough for creating attractive, dynamic and user-friendly web-pages. In 1995 the specialists of Netscape Company created the mechanism of web-page management on the client side. They developed JavaScript – a prototype-based scripting language. The main idea of JavaScript is to change values of different attributes of HTML-containers and the properties of web-page representation without reloading the web-page. For this purpose JavaScript code is embedded in HTML pages. What can JavaScript do with your web-page?  It can modify it, write a text, delete or add new tags, change styles. JavaScript can process events (e.g., mouse click) and call functions, send queries to server and load data without reloading the whole page (which is also called Ajax). If you need more info and professional support, ask our experts to help with JavaScript assignment. We are ready to meet all your requirements so you will be satisfied. Just register (only email is required) and submit your order, or simply write us an email.

JavaScript is completely integrated with a browser and it is supported almost everywhere. So you only need a browser and a text editor to start working on your JavaScript assignment. It has a wide range of applied aspects. It is used on a client side of web-applications, Ajax approach, web operating systems (e.g., eyeOS) and even in server-side applications.

The main features are:

  • dynamic typing

  • weak typing

  • automatic memory management

  • prototype programming

  • functions are first-class objects

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