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Delphi programming language is a result of a long evolution from Pascal to Turbo Pascal and then Object Pascal that was finally renamed as Delphi. It is relatively simple but powerful language to realize your ideas and solve applied problems. It is supported by different platforms and operating systems but it was initially organized to develop applications for Windows only. Starting from 2007 it supports .NET platform so it is able to manage .NET apps development process.

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Delphi supports different concepts including structural and object-oriented programming. The majority of apps developed with Delphi are desktop application.

However Delphi is widely used in completely different programming products:

  • database management (MySQL);

  • file management (Total Commander);

  • audio/video players (KMPlayer, Light Alloy);

  • making music (FL Studio, Guitar Pro);

  • web development (Macromedia Home Suite);

  • text editors (Notepad GNU);

  • and many others.

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