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Term “Ajax” (means Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) was firstly used in Jesse James Garrett’s article “Ajax: A new approach to web applications” in 2005. Now it is commonly used in web-programming as a concept which includes specific usage of CSS, HTML, DOM, asynchronous queries and JavaScript (nevertheless these technologies can be applied independently). Ajax helps your web-apps to save the traffic, decrease server workload and improve interface response. 

In classic web-application scheme user’s abilities are defined by server side code. While switching from one document to another, web-application reloads the whole page. But in Ajax project, a significant part of interactivity between client and server is processed on the client side. Client-server interaction takes place in background and user even won’t notice it. Ajax project essentially differs from other web-development approaches not in technologies in use but in the interaction model which is possible due to these technologies. It is based on two main principles: dynamic server access without reloading the whole page and DHTML for dynamic change of web-page content. Formats of data transfer are: text, HTML-code and XML.

One common approach is to create separate Ajax components (intteractive calendar, online chat) and include them into a web-page as fragments. Google Gmail and Google Maps are good examples of using interactive elements in a static document.

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