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Vector calculus (a.k.a. Vector Analysis) is one of the main math courses at college and university. It basically deals with 3-dimensional Euclidean space, studies algebraic and differential operations on vector fields. A wide complex of vector calculus problems makes students get stuck with their homework assignments. Vector calculus finds its application in various fields of modern researches in engineering, physics and modeling. Vector calculus solution can describe the behaviour of electric and magnetic fields, flows of liquids and dynamic systems in general.

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Some vector analysis fundamental results can be extended on multidimensional vector spaces. Moreover there exists a close relation between vector calculus and quaternions (extension of complex numbers). As it was mentioned earlier vector calculus investigates differentiation and integration. Here are some basic operations that are frequently used in vector calculus solution.

Algebraic operations:

  • scalar multiplication;

  • vector addition;

  • dot product;

  • cross product;

  • scalar triple product;

  • vector triple product.

Differential operations:

  • gradient;

  • curl;

  • divergence;

  • laplacian.

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