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Trigonometry is one of the basic branches of mathematics formed in ancient times. It originates from Ancient Greece and India where the first applications of trigonometry were revealed. Basically it studies trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, tangent, their inverses, etc.) and their application in both rigorous pure math and calculations. Initially it was closely related to geometrical real-world objects and mechanical processes (for example, we describe pendulum using sine and cosine trigonometric functions). You can face a wide range of trigonometry problems in real-life situations – and we are ready to solve them! Modern science is much more complicated and trigonometry finds its application in different spheres of math:

  • Algebra;

  • Analytic geometry;

  • Calculus;

  • Complex analysis;

  • Mathematical analysis

  • Modeling

  • Vector analysis

It was dramatically extended with the appearance of complex analysis in 19th century. Due to a variety of tasks students often need urgent trigonometry help with good explanations and strict proofs – that is what Assignment4Student service stands for. We offer exclusive help with trigonometry, professional support and flexible system of discounts for regular customers. Having a huge experience in the sphere of education our experts meet all your requirements applying individual concepts and techniques for every particular assignment you submit. We take into consideration your special remarks and wishes so you receive unique free of plagiarism solution of trigonometry problems before the deadline you choose.

Especially in the modern digital world trigonometry remains an integral part of industry and science. It is used in:

  • Astronomy and navigation;

  • Architecture;

  • Mechanics;

  • Modeling of dynamics of industrial mechanisms.

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