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Mathematical statistics is a science that studies mathematical methods used to build probability models of objects using random variables realizations. Problems that appear in the real world are inverse in some sense to probability theory problems. Really, in the majority of cases you don't know anything about probabilistic model of a process. The only thing you can do is to assume the model belongs to some class and check this hypothesis using the data you have. After that you can apply other statistical methods that you've learnt.

Statistics is not a simple subject. In order to solve statistics problems you have to know probability theory definitions, theorems, methods and be able to deal with probability problems of several types. Another difficulty is the diversity of new terms, propositions that seem to be terrible and unintelligible. Due to this students often need statistics assignment help and we are ready to provide it. 

Our team will help with statistics homework, exam, test or anything else. Assignment4Student team will solve statistics problems in time you set meeting every your requirement. We provide statistics assignment help and guarantee free of plagiarism solutions. With Assignment4Student you will receive the highest mark, helpful explanations to every solution step, formulation of definitions, principles and approaches allowing you to solve statistics problems of similar type without our assistance in the future. We will show you that statistics is not so frightening as it seems at first glance.

Below is the list of problem types we are ready to provide statistics assignment help (the list is not full):

  • Graphical representation of the data: histogram, boxplot, dotplot, and others;

  • Sample characteristics (moments, quartiles, order statistics, empirical distribution function, histogram)

  • Parameter estimation (unbiased and asymptotically unbiased estimators, optimum estimators, efficient estimators, Cramer-Rao bound)

  • Confidence intervals (inference about population mean, proportion, variance, difference in means, difference in proportions, ratio of variances, central statistics methods, point statistics methods)

  • Nonparametric hypothesis testing (testing distribution type hypothesis, hypothesis of homogeneity, independence, stochasticity)

  • Parametric hypotheses (Neumann-Pirson criterion, tests for population mean, population proportion, testing statistical claims)

  • Linear regression (multivariate regression, least squares, correlation coefficient, confidence intervals for parameters, prediction intervals)

  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

  • Chi-square tests (goodness of fit test, test for association)

Our experts are familiar with such statistical packages: SPSS, R, Minitab, SAS, Stata, Excel.

So if you need help with statistics we will be glad to provide a free quote for you and assist you with your problems.

Explore an example of statistics homework help below: 

Statistics Sample (.pdf)

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