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Quantitative methods are very powerful tools for solving different mathematical problems. Modern quantitative methods are used for solving various physical, economical, social problems using computation technologies when the analytical solution cannot be found. But the application of quantitative methods often raises a problem. It is not enough to work out the mathematical model of the object or process, you need to construct the algorithm that deduces all computations to a sequence of arithmetic and logical computations that can be performed using computers. 

Studying quantitative methods causes difficulties because it involves the usage of mathematical techniques for transforming the problem into a required form, applying the constructed algorithm to initial data and implementing it using programming packages. Assignment4Student team provides exclusive quantitative methods help including all the stages you need. Our quantitative methods assignment solution always receives the highest mark. We give you detailed explanations to every step of the algorithm, send you the source codes and additional materials used in your solution. Students often ask for quantitative methods help in different categories:

  • Functions approximation (interpolation, mean-square approximation, uniform approximation)

  • Numerical differentiation

  • Numerical integration (polynomial approximation, formulas for discontinuous functions, improper integrals, multiple integrals, Monte Carlo method)

  • Systems of equations (linear systems, systems of non-linear equations)

  • Eigenvalues and eigenvectors (elementary methods, Hermitian matrices, non-Hermitian matrices, partial problem of eigenvalues)

  • Extremums (functions of single variable, multiple functions, extremum in bounded region, minimization of functional)

  • Differential equations (Cauchy problem, boundary problem, eigenvalues problem)

  • Partial differential equations (analytical methods, approximation and it's order, stability, maximum principle, energy inequalities, operational inequalities, accuracy estimation)

  • Transport equations (multidimensional equations, dissipative systems, quasilinear equations)

  • Parabolic equations (one-dimensional equations, multidimensional equation), Elliptic equations (variational methods, variational-difference schemes, iterative methods) and Hyperbolic equations (wave equation, gas dynamic equations)

  • Integral equations (properly posed problems, ill-posed problems, regularizing)

  • Statistical treatment

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