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   The field of pattern recognition is rapidly developing nowadays. Various applications of pattern recognition are widely used in enormous number of devices. This field is actively researched by giant corporations and small laboratories, by the biggest universities and independent individuals. 

   This branch of science is interesting for many people because of several reasons:

  • Theory and practice are combined here. Every new algorithm can be implemented and checked on real data;

  • Successful pattern recognition requires usage of the newest results from the different fields of science;

  • Developing recognition techniques makes us closer to understanding the principles our brain uses to perform recognition efficiently;

  • The most pleasant feature: to apply pattern recognition algorithms one doesn't need special equipment - only a laptop.

   Our experts are really experienced in this sphere and are ready to provide such services to students, researchers, programmers, mathematicians or other interested parties:

  • Complete pattern recognition project;

  • Implement image recognition algorithm;

  • Take quiz/exam;

  • Apply existing methods in real world application/scientific research.

   We are working only with image recognition algorithms at present. So if you have something to do for us - create the new order or just write us a letter. If you need help with machine learning, probability theory, calculus, discrete mathematics or other related fields - also feel free to contact us. 

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