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Multivariable calculus is a part of mathematical analysis studying functions of several variables. It is a fundamental math apparatus for modeling, mathematical physics, differential geometry, topology, other disciplines. It allows you to research multidimensional spaces and functions defined there. It is extremely important because most dependencies in the real world are described by functions of several variables. Multivariable calculus is a collection of methods, principles, theorems that deals with such functions and studies their behavior. Studying this subject requires solid knowledge of one-variable calculus and algebra principles. That's why some students (and due to a lot of other reason) require multivariable calculus help. Out team is ready to help with multivariable calculus you get. We will complete your task professionally without mistakes and always in time. Below is the list of categories in which our experts can provide multivariable calculus help:

  • Differentiation (continuity, differentiability, differential equations)

  • Derivatives of higher orders (Tailor series, partial differential equations)

  • Integration in multidimensional regions (Jordan domains,  Riemann integral in Euclidean space, surface integrals, improper integrals, calculation volumes, areas, flows, lengths)

  • Relation between integration and differentiation (gradient, divergence, curl, circulation, potentiality and solenoidality of vector fields, divergence theorem, Stokes' theorem, del operator, harmonic fields and functions, vector fields numerical characteristics)

  • Differential geometry (quadratic forms, geodetic lines and coordinates, two-dimensional surfaces with constant curvature, physics interpretations)

  • Riemann geometry (tensors theory, differentiable manifolds, Riemann spaces, affine connection, curvature, tensor theory applications in mechanics, physics, geometry)

  • Differentiation and integration on manifolds (anti-symmetric forms, differential forms, integration, codifferentiation), etc.

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Multivariable Calculus Help Sample (.pdf)

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