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The modern science is based on mathematical modeling. The main point of mathematical modeling is replacement of initial object by its model - mathematical object that may be studied using computers and computational algorithms. Working with model allows to test the object in arbitrary situations.

Mathematical modeling scope is very wide -  starting from technical systems development to economical and social analysis. You should make several steps to solve modeling problems. First, build model of the object that represents all its important properties, relations between its parts. The next step is the development of the algorithm for model realization. Model is transformed into the form acceptable for applying computational methods. Further usage of special software helps to create the program simulating object's behavior. Next, it is needed to test the algorithm in simple situations, check the accuracy of the model and implementation.

Help with modeling provided by Assignment4Student includes all stages of modeling and allows you to get the highest mark. See the list of chapters we are ready to help with modeling:

  • Elementary mathematical models: models based on fundamental nature laws, variational principles, model hierarchy, non-linear objects;

  • Fundamental laws models: mass balance, energy balance, application of physical laws;

  • Variational principle models: mechanical systems, Boltzmann equations, ...;

  • Hardly formalized objects;

  • Models research: similarity methods, principle of the maximum, averaging method, discrete models.

To solve modeling problems our experts use techniques, methods and software that you require and provide detailed explanation to your assignment solution. Send us your task and we will provide the free quote.

See an example of help with modeling done by Assignment4Student.

Modeling Sample (.pdf)

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