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Chemistry is not just a science describing observations of substance transformation. Role of mathematics in chemistry has been grown with the development of physical chemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics and other. Using higher mathematics for solving chemical problems allows to reach the most precious results that can't be received in any different way. Ability to use mathematical apparatus is significant for chemists; he/she must be able to choose correct mathematical method and use it properly. But this requires to know corresponding set of math definitions, methods and algorithms. Most of students have troubles with all this stuff.

Assignment4Student team is ready to solve mathematical chemistry problems you have. We will help you to understand each step, each method; we will answer all questions concerning solution. We are ready to provide additional theoretical material and solutions to additional problems  so you could comprehend everything well. Below is the short list describing the categories that our experts are familiar with and can provide effective help with mathematics for chemistry:

  • Differentiation and optimization problems (problems related to extremums, optimal concentrations, quantities, volumes etc.)

  • Integration (calculations of total mass, volume, energy, thermal capacity, average values, chemical reaction kinetics)

  • Applications of integral calculus (reactions of the first order, reactions of the second and the third order, synchronous and parallel processes, reversible processes, dissolutions, mixed processes, thermokinetics, filtering, ...)

  • Differential equations solutions (separation of variables, homogeneous equations, total differential equation, linear equations of the first order, equations of the second order, approximation of the solution, quantitative methods)

  • Mathematical modeling of chemical kinetics

  • Finite difference method: nonlinear equations in finite differences, applications in diffusion processes

  • Vector analysis (gradient, divergence, curl, hydrodynamic equations, heat conduction equation, diffusion equation)

  • Differential equations in partial derivatives (linear equations, material balance equation, filter equation, heat equation, Fourier series)

  • Quantitative methods for partial differential equation solving

  • Probability methods in theory of errors

  • Least-squares method

  • Empirical formulas

  • Numerical evaluation

Mathematical chemistry solutions we provide are qualitative and free of errors. If you have an assignment in mathematical chemistry to be done send it to us and get a free quote!

See an example of help with mathematical chemistry we provide below:

Mathematical Chemistry Sample (.pdf)

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