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Modern technologies of real world exploring intensively use mathematical modeling methods, for example, in cases where these explorations are expensive or impossible. The main feature of such models is that parameters we need to find are functions of time and space, relations between them are partial differential equations with additional conditions. 

Mathematical physics is one of the most complicated subjects of the applied math course. The reason of this is a big set of knowledge and methods from other subjects needed to understand mathematical physics proofs and solutions (mathematical analysis, functional analysis, algebra, differential equations, complex analysis, physics). In order to solve mathematical physics problem you need to translate physical problem into mathematical language, use physical laws and mathematical apparatus to create system of equations in integral or differential form, write down initial and boundary conditions, check the system you wrote is correct. Next you should solve the equations you got analytically or using quantitative methods. Each step of the solution requires much efforts. Out team is ready to help with mathematical physics assignments you get. We are ready to help with problems including such chapters:

  • Integral equations: method of consecutive approximations, equations with polar kernel, Fredholm theorems, Hermitian kernel, eigenvalues of Hermitian continuous kernel, Hilbert-Schmidt theorem, Schmidt formula, positively-defined kernels, Sturm-Liouville problem, integral equation of the first kind;

  • Mathematical models construction: models of heat and diffusion conduction, elasticity and plasticity theories, fluid mechanics (non-Newtonian and Newtonian fluids), rheology, electrostatics, magnetostatics;

  • Partial differential equations: classification, boundary problems, correctness, classical and generalized solutions;

  • Boundary problems research: generalized functions, fundamental solutions of main differential operators, usage of fundamental solutions for solving boundary problems and Cauchy problems, Green functions for canonical regions, harmonical functions, Helmholts equation, Bessel functions, potentials of Laplace and Helmholts operators.

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