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Students studying logic face difficulties of understanding material and often can't solve required problems. It happens because mathematical logic homework problems often require solid preparatory knowledge and skills for exact proofs. For example, you need to ascertain some predicates are computable or primitive, to make sure some formulas are deducible in formal axiomatic theories. Such statements are usually proved using awkward construction of corresponding Turing machines, primitive-recursive descriptions, formal deductions. Students studying different mathematical subjects such as mathematical analysis, algebra, differential equations notice that mathematical logic is full of strange notations and statements that are useless in other branches of mathematics.

On the other hand it is basis and foundation for different disciplines studying how to prove and deduce statement. Assignment4Student help with mathematical logicis based on effort to explain you basic moments of the solutions we provide. This will help you to solve mathematical logic problems and tasks in future. Our experts can help with mathematical logic assignments on different topics including:

  • Initial definitions (syntax math and logic language, relations and functions, Boolean algebra, propositional logic, predicate logic)

  • Logical languages and laws (first-order language, formulas and terms, semantics of language, disjunctive and conjunctive normal form)

  • Axiomatic theories (functional calculus, deduction theorem)

  • Set theory (naive set theory, axiom of choice, continuum hypothesis, Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory)

  • Algorithm theory (Turing machine, Church thesis, recursive and recursively enumerable sets, primitive recursion functions, Godel's enumeration, primitive recursive arithmetic)

  • Proof theory

Out experts precisely solve mathematical logic problems and provide qualitative explanations. Just submit your order to get a free quote.

See an example of mathematical logic homework help we provide.

Mathematical Logic Sample (.pdf)

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