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Mathematical economics is a subject demanding plenty of time and intellectual labour. Our team of experts is ready to send you qualitative mathematical economics solutions for your task. Economics and mathematical economics are widely used in the modern society. Economical and financial knowledge is very important for everyone to build his own business or simply not get into debts. That's why it is better to learn all basic principles when you are a student, at the beginning of your professional career. In the future you will be grateful to all your tutors because the benefit you get from this practical knowledge cannot be underestimated.

We can't do anything in economics without mathematics! Formulas and models give the most rigorous predictions and descriptions of economical processes. Many mathematical approaches are used in this science including the Theory of Optimization, Linear Programming, Differential Equations etc. Mathematical economics is relatively new science; there appear many subfields and we offer exclusive help with mathematical economics in different spheres of mathematical economics. These subdivisions discuss the topics briefly described below.

Socio-economic systems modeling: analysis and modeling of systems and processes in economics, methods and models of mathematical economics.

Linear programming: business problems that are reduced to linear programming problems during mathematical-economic modeling, geometric method of solution, simplex-method, simplex method with artificial basis technique.

Optimal economical-mathematical models: applying mathematical programming methods for solving certain optimization problems, using duality theory of linear programming for analyzing optimal solutions, special problems as traffic problem, integer linear programming, multi-objective optimization, non-linear and dynamic programming, network models, simulation study.

Economic processes forecasting: economical forecasting based on extrapolation using growth curves, determination of growth curve parameters on basis of economical time series, estimation of trend model accuracy, point and interval forecasting of dynamic based on trend model, adaptive methods.

Balance models: application of balance methods in economical-mathematical modeling, input-output scheme, procedure of settlements of interindustry balance coefficients, balance models usage for economic indicator analysis, dynamic input-output balance usage.

Optimal economical-mathematical modeling application for solving production tasks (real-world application of methods studied before).

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