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Management means development, modelling, creating, efficient usage and control of social-economics systems. General principles of management (controlling) are studied by cybernetics which was coined by Norbert Wiener. System of knowledge about control is formed using different disciplines.  Several branches of science study concrete management functions: planning, decision making, information processing, generalizing practical experience and developing methods for improving the management efficiency. Computational methods and models of decision making become more important in management together with the development of information technologies.

Management theory includes methods and algorithms from control theory, decision making, mathematical economics, game theory, etc. Talking about management in practice people usually differentiate management by three main spheres of application:

  • management in business

  • state social and economic system

  • management of institutional non-profit organization

Of course you may say that this list is not complete and by the way there exist a lot of classification principles. We can write many words about management but the idea is simple: every sphere of our life - business, education, health, communications and other is related to management. You should know how to plan your life, your time, your business and your future. That's why everybody needs to learn management, its basics and techniques! Help with management provided by our experts covers all types of tasks for students.  You are welcome to send your assignments and projects of any complexity and any type. Efficient management homework help is performed by skilled tutors that have already completed variety of complex management projects. You are welcome to get a free quote for our management homework help. Our solutions include clarification of all fundamentals and theoretical background used to solve your problems to assist you and make everything clear. Help with management from Assignment4Student always receives the highest mark!

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