Machine learning help

   Our experts have large experience both in theoretical research, that covers development of new algorithms and optimization of existing ones, and in practical area, that includes creation of real-world machine learning applications.

   Assignment4Student team proposes help with machine learning projects in various subfields or this area, such as:

  • Linear models for regression;

  • Linear classification (Fisher's linear discriminant, logistic regression, probit regression, IRLS);

  • Neural networks (feed-forward, convolutional, mixture density, and autoassociative networks);

  • Support and relevance vector machines;

  • Clustering and Expectation-maximization algorithm;

  • Expectation propagation algorithm;

  • Principal component analysis;

  • Hidden Markov models;

  • Boosting;

  • Conditional mixture models;

  • Reinforcement learning;

  We are ready to complete machine learning projects of different complexity: labs, assignments, quizzes, online tests, projects, exams, and even bachelor's/master's theses in this field.

   Anyway, if you need machine learning help or pattern recognition help, feel free to contact us. You can create new order or just write us a letter. 

   This field is based on such disciplines: probability theory, decision theory and information theory, and also uses techniques and algorithms from statistics, discrete mathematics and calculus. If you need help with any of that, we are ready to provide it. Good luck!

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