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Linear optimization (or linear programming) is one of important branches of operations research reduced to optimizing objective linear function on a set described by linear equations and inequalities. In the same time it is the basis for several methods for solving integer programming and nonlinear programming problems.  It has many applications in the world - from manufacturing and marketing to agriculture and sports. Linear programming is useful but uninteresting subject because it just requires operating algorithms that are already developed. To solve linear programming problems correctly you need to be very accurate - it is easy to make a mistake because of lots of calculations. That's why our expert team is ready to help with linear optimization you get. Be sure - we will do all computational steps and provide you a correct solution. We are ready to solve linear programming problems of different types including:

  • constructing a linear model

  • simplex method

  • dual LP problems

  • dual simplex method

  • transportation problem

  • game theory (matrix games, minimax theorem)

  • network flow

  • interior-point algorithms

Our experts will do all calculations by hand if you need or use program packages required by your teacher. We will take into account all your demands and guarantee your full satisfaction. Just submit your order to get the free quote.
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Here is an example of help with linear optimization we provide:

Linear Optimization Sample (.pdf)

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