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Integral calculus is a branch of mathematical analysis studying integrals, their properties, computational methods and applications in the real world situations. Integral calculus is widely applied in natural sciences such as physics, other branches of mathematics, for example differential equations, functional analysis, differential geometry. But this discipline often causes difficulties and forces students to look for help with integral calculus because of many reasons.

Firstly, there is no universal algorithm on how to solve integral calculus problems. There are only several rules and recommendations on how to integrate. You need to do some specific transformations and a sequence of changes of variables to reduce the integral to a simpler form.

The second reason is a huge amount of integration algorithms: changing of variable, integration by parts, recurrent formulas, integration of rational functions, partial fractions, integration of irrational functions, integration of trigonometric expressions, etc. Sometimes they can be really hard to remember and use.

Third, there exist a lot of numerical methods allowing to integrate everything numerically. But in practice everything is more complicated than it seems at first glance. On the one hand you can use numerical formulas instead of explicit integration. On the other hand you should remember about all the restrictions for a particular numerical method, its sphere of application and theorems about convergence. Anyway, if you need help with integral calculus there are a lot of online tools and mathematical packages available in the Web. But such services provide only answers to standard problems without explanation. Our service is ready to solve integral calculus problems of any complexity and always in time. Our experts are ready to help with:

  • Definite integral

  • Indefinite integral

  • Improper integrals

  • Multiple integrals

  • Line integrals

  • Surface integrals

  • Calculating areas and volumes

  • Physical applications

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You may also download an example of help with integral calculus below:

Integral Calculus Sample (.pdf)

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