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Game Theory is the theory of mathematical models describing a set of problems concerning the process of decision making under conflict. This discipline is widely used in economics, manufacturing and social sciences. Game Theory is the basis for modern theories of international trade, taxation and public goods. If we speak about bachelor economics course, it includes really large amount of material about Game Theory. Nearly one half of master's microeconomics theory course is dedicated to Game Theory too.

What is the origin of Game Theory? We know that Game Theory arose from the so-called Interactive Decision Theory. It was developed broadly by John von Neumann and John Forbes Nash in 1950s. It helped to find formal descriptions and solutions of different types of economical and business problems. Later on, Game Theory principles were successfully applied in Biology, Philosophy and other sciences which seemed to be unrelated with this sphere.

You should have different skills and abilities to solve game theory problems:

  • Know methods and technologies to reduce real problems to theoretical level. In other words it requires compressing the information about real world to mathematical model. At the same time the remaining parameters should hold all the necessary data to obtain adequate results;

  • Solve mathematical problems you obtain from constructed model. You need to use knowledge from algebra, mathematical analysis, functional analysis, optimization theory;

  • Match the solution and its real-world sense. You need to learn technologies of inverse transformation - from the model you build to real world objects.

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