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Modern differential equations theory holds a prominent place among other math disciplines. This subject combines both pure and applied maths so it covers lots of specific materials needed for people of different professions. Differential equations theory is widely applied in applied mechanics, physics, chemistry, biology, modelling of economical processes. The fundamental theoretical background and concepts were developed in the middle of XX century when the theory of differential equations was extremely important in producing and testing new military technologies, modelling dynamic processes. If you need to understand how theoretical principles work and how to solve differential equations you should be familiar with such chapters of mathematical analysis: as limits, derivatives, integral calculus, functional series, multivariable calculus, inverse and implicit functions, linear spaces and operators.

The materials are relatively difficult and require a plenty of time for understanding. If you need to solve differential equations, the first thing to do is to determine the type of equation, the next is to apply specific algorithm to solve the problem. You may use different program packages such as Maple, Matlab, Mathematica etc. But no one of these tools can give you detailed step-by-step explanation as Assignment4Student do. We provide help with differential equations with different types of problems including:

  • First Order Differential Equations

  • Linear DE and systems

  • Second Order Differential Equations

  • Non-linear Differential Equations and Systems

  • Classic properties of solution of DE (Cauchy problem, stability, etc.)

  • Higher Order Differential Equations

  • DE with several independent variables

So if you need differential equations homework help just submit new order or write us a letter. You will receive the solution of the task before the deadline you set. Feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions. 

Below is an example of how we help with differential equations:

Differential Equations Sample (.pdf)

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