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Life is a process of making decisions. Decisions are made by politicians, militaries, sellers and buyers, children and adults, students. Decisions are made using knowledge, experience, intuition, random, desires. Decision making appeared as a separate discipline because of development of computers and informatics. Nowadays it became one of the most important disciplines in applied math. Models and methods are widely used to solve decision making problems in economics, warfare, politics, medicine. This field was distinguished from operation research, one of the subfields of mathematics. "Problem solving" term is central for artificial intelligence discipline. To solve decision making problems you should be familiar with operation research, set theory, calculus, probability theory and other math fields. We introduce decision making homework help in different chapters including:

  • Basics of decision making (binary relations, choice functions)

  • Utility functions

  • Bayesianism

  • Decision making under certainty

  • Decision making under uncertainty

  • Game theory

  • Fuzzy sets

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