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Control theory is a science developing methods and means of control systems, studying laws of processes which take place inside such systems. Modern control theory appears as one of the leading technical sciences and, at the same time, it is one of the branches of applied maths. Control theory based on mathematical models allows exploring dynamic processes in automatic systems, determining structure and parameters of main parts of the system to configure its properties in a proper way. You have to use material from mathematical analysis, techniques involving differential equations, algebra theorems and other methods from applied maths to solve control theory problems. We are ready to provide control theory homework help with different types of problems including:

  • Controllability and Reachability

  • Feedback Control Theory

  • Stabilization of dynamic processes

  • Observability and Detectability of parameters

  • Bellman's Theory of Dynamic Programming

  • Infinite time problems

  • Tracking and Kalman Filtering

  • Optimality of trajectories and other parameters of dynamic systems

  • Pontryagin's Maximum Principle

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Below is one of the examples of how we solve control theory problems.

Control Theory Sample (.pdf)

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