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Complex analysis is a branch of mathematics that studies functions of complex variable. It finds its application in many other sciences - analytic number theory, applied maths, physics. Among the other important purposes of this subject are modern string theory and quantum field theory. You should know mathematical analysis of real variable, differential equations and many other math subcategories and techniques to solve complex analysis problems effectively. The main problem of complex analysis is studying analytic functions of complex variable. If you want or you have to become a good complex analysis specialist you must be ready to solve complex analysis problems of at least the following types:

  • Managing different forms of complex numbers

  • Know how to use arithmetic operations with complex numbers

  • Operating with elementary functions of complex variable

  • Differentiation complex variable functions

  • Integration in complex plane

  • Finding zeros and singularities

  • Work with Taylor series of complex variable functions

  • Operating with Laurent series

  • Finding residues

  • Integration on closed contours

  • Know how to work with improper integrals

  • Managing and applying Laplace transform.

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Example of complex analysis homework help:   

Complex Analysis Sample (.pdf)

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