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Analytic geometry is a chapter of geometry that determines different properties of geometric figures using method of coordinates, i.e. by studying equations which describe these figures. The characteristic feature of analytic geometry assignment is determining the figures analytically. Basic principles and notions of analytic geometry are: coordinate systems, line and plane, matrices and operations on them, systems of linear algebraic equations, curves of the second order, etc. This branch of mathematics is closely related with different spheres of science. To solve analytic geometry assignment you may need to use tools from mathematical analysis, geometry, calculus and so on. On the one hand it requires from you to be acquainted with these material. On the other hand it is a chance for you to investigate new approaches you missed earlier. Analytic geometry homework help completed by our expert team will help you to overcome all these problems.

Analytic geometry is the introduction to differential geometry. Linear algebra methods that form the "engine" of this subject find their application not only in natural sciences but also in economics and social sciences. Analytic geometry assignment involves such tasks as modelling a coordinate space including a set of figures with some certain parameters, and typically the problem is to find unknown values of the model. Such problems develop your imagination and the ability to construct complicated figures, apply algebra and analysis methods to solve the task.

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