To Sleep or Not To Sleep?

Studying such difficult subjects as math and programming means being all the time concentrated. Your thoughts must be clear and ideas must be rigorous in order to find the solution without wasting much time. It is impossible if your sleep is restless. This problem can be caused by various reasons. Further you will see that such problems often appear in case you use electronic devices like smartphone or laptop before sleep.

The new research shows that only 11% of people are satisfied by how they sleep. At the same time 24% of people check their email and social networks profiles being in bed. The main reason this happens – people are afraid not to answer messages they receive and miss something important.

The survey also shows the remaining day is influenced by these devices too. For example, 43% of respondents use their smartphones while watching TV and 18% use iPads. The permanent status “online” leaves a mark on your life and on your health. It causes stress that appears to be the main factor that disturbs you.

Try to wake up earlier because your brain is the most productive in the morning and gets tired in the evening. This helps you to solve math and programming problems effectively and easier so you have more time for other important things :).

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