7 famous people without higher education

These people seem to be so different but they definitely have one thing in common -  absence of post-secondary education. At the same time this list contains the richest people in the world. Education is very important nowadays and you shouldn't follow their examples!!! Nevertheless each of them had good reasons to leave it. But nobody left the idea to make their dreams come true.

1) Bill Gates

The richest man in the world has no higher education. Bill left studying in Harvard University because it took time which he wanted to spend for development of his own company. Bill Gates founded Microsoft after he left university. However Harvard University gave him honorary doctorate 30 years later. 

2) Steve Jobs

The genius had no diploma too. During his speech to Stanford students Jobs said he left university because didn’t see sense in studying. Some name one more reason - financial difficulties. Anyways, we see that the time Jobs didn’t spend on university was not wasted. 

3) Mark Zuckerberg

Like Bill Gates Zuckerberg left Harvard because studying didn’t provide an opportunity to devote himself to the business of his life – social network Facebook. 

4) Frank Lloyd Wright

He was one of the most famous architects of 20-th century. He aimed to combine stone constructions and nature. He became rich because the biggest American companies wanted to locate their businesses inside such offices designed by Frank. He left studying in the University of Wisconsin because he wanted to design but not to study theory about design. 

5) Buckminster Fuller

This is one more American architect in the list. He studied in Harvard University and two times was expelled from the University. The idea that brought him success was ecological house. He wrote 28 books on architecture; all of them are in the list of recommended books for those who study architecture in Harvard.

6) James Cameron

He wanted to be psychologist but felt in love. James left the university, married and started to travel with wife in their trailer. After watching “Star Wars” he decided to become a film producer and this idea changed his life dramatically. Of course, after that he didn’t want to return to study psychology.

7) Tom Hanks

Tom studied at university in California. The owner of 2 Oscars claims that studying in university gives only boring theory. That’s why Tom decided to learn acting in practice at the local theater and left the university. 

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