Google it efficiently!

Google is one of the most powerful and most-used search engines which people use all around the world starting from 1997. Why is it so popular and what benefits does it give us to use it more efficiently? We've collected 9 most useful hints which can help you in googling necessary information.

1. How to find an exact phrase or sentence:

Use quotation marks operator "". Take a word or phrase in quotes and Google will search web pages with a particular phrase. For example, type "statistics homework help" to find the pages that contain this exact phrase.

2. How to find a citation with missed word:

Take a whole quote in quotation marks and type asterisk * instead of the missed word. The citation will be found including the missed word. For example, when you are asked "What branch of mathematical analysis deals with the real numbers and real valued functions of a real variable?", you type * a branch of mathematical analysis dealing with the real numbers and real valued functions of a real variable, and immediately get the answer "Real Analysis".

3. How to find at least one of the given phrases:

Separate all the variants by vertical bar |. Google will search documents with any of these words (e.g., query math help | programming help will show you all the pages where math help or programming help is included).

4. How to find words within the same sentence:

Use the operator ampersand &. Google will find words connected by ampersand within the same sentence. 

5. How to find documents containing specific word:

Google may omit some general words and numbers from the query (e.g., in, to, on, 47, etc.). Type plus + before the word you want to see in search results (without separating it with space). Several words may be added to a search query. For example, type help +with probability +theory to get the results which necessarily include “with” and "probability".

6. How to exclude the word:

Use minus - before the word you don’t want to see in the results. You may exclude several words. For example, type the query getline C -C++ to get information about the function getline() in C, not about std::getline() in C++.

7. How to search inside a particular website:

Operator site: is used for this purpose. It allows specifying the website directly in search query. You may type something like discrete mathematics to find a concrete page about Discrete Mathematics on our website.

8. How to find documents of some type:

You can use operator mime:. Type mime: and then filename extension, for example, pdf or doc. Note that operator mime doesn’t work with audio and video formats.

9. How to search on websites in specific language:

You can use operator lang:. Type the language of documents you need after lang:. Use en for English, frfor French, etc.

We hope these simple hints will help you to google in a right way and save your time! Good luck!

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