How to receive A in exam: helpful tips

The first step to success is a proper diet. To make your brain work better you should eat more proteins (meat and fish) and carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables and groans). Vitamin C (in lemons, oranges and bananas) will help you to deal with stress. Pineapples improve memory, carrot intensifies your metabolism, cabbage removes irritability and seafood (squid, shrimp, and mussels) is extremely useful for your brain.

Between meals it is also recommended to eat dried fruits and nuts. They give you energy and allow your body not to get tired for a long time. Black chocolate helps fight with stress, increases self-assurance and turns you into a positive mood.

Don’t forget about daily regime. You need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Firstly, it’s because your body should be regularly and properly restored. And secondly, the information that you learned during the day should be processed in a proper way and coined in your long-term memory. Don’t forget to change the activities – that’s the best rest for you. Find a couple of hours per day to take a walk in a park, go to a gym or ride on roller skates. Don’t forget about short pauses every hour of 5-10 minutes to distract from books and lecture notes. You can walk around the apartment and do some exercises for your eyes.

Create a schedule of classes. Estimate how much work you should do, determine the subjects, the questions you know and what you don't know. It is recommended to create a plan - how much time would be spent on each topic. 

Set up for positive. Try to discard subjective emotions even if you hate your teacher. In moments of despair scroll in mind the upcoming exam in detail... Here you enter the audience and select the ticket and answer with confidence ... you receive a high grade. Be sure: as soon as you start thinking in a right way the work starts and after all you will get the highest mark!

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