Public presentations: tips&tricks

One of the most common problems in public presentations is stress. Just in a couple of minutes before the presentation starts you suddenly become nervous and can’t calm down. It seems the epic fail is coming and you simply don’t know what to do with all these staff. How to stop stressing out?

The reason of your stress

Most of us feel stressful during the public report – and it is normal. The question is what the origin of your stress is. Someone is afraid of being examined, the other one worries about his appearance, the third one is not sure that he will represent the main idea to the audience. If we analyze all these fears we can notice that some of them are negligible and don’t deserve your attention. The only thing you should worry about is to reach the expected results and introduce the main idea. That is what all your efforts were made for and that is your major purpose.

Stress can be useful in different situations. A doctor worries about patient’s health, a trade agent - about his customers, engineer – about the strength of constructed buildings. If you don't stress it means that you don’t care of the outcome and you should change your job.

How to stop stressing out

First of all try not to focus on yourself – pay attention to the audience. When a speaker carries only about himself, his own feelings and appearance, he fails his main function – to introduce an idea of a report to other people. You should look at your audience and make a visual contact. Think of the things that could be important, useful and interesting for them.

Never rely on improvisation! Many people think that the presentation is actually improvisation. This is a common mistake. You should be well prepared to introduce your thoughts in the most appropriate and sophisticated way. Speaker is like an actor. You should rehearse out your presentation several times to make everything perfect because you will have only one chance to play on the stage. Video camera can be a good thing to improve your speech. It is very useful to see and listen yourself so you can analyze your gesture.

People don’t see your positive or negative sides; they see how good you are playing your roles. Good actors are ready to look serious and funny, they just do all the best to deserve audience’s attention. The main goal is to make the listeners be satisfied and give them what they want.

Remember to practice enough to feel self-confident in each situation. Look at the Hollywood actors and try to follow their example. Rehearsing really matters!

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