How to overcome exam fear?

Do you fear before the exam? Are you nervous and can’t concentrate? Disquiet and worry before testing your knowledge - it is normal. There is nothing wrong with nervous one before an exam because he shows that he has the motivation and is interested to pass the subject good.

Don’t worry too much because the teachers aware of what you are experiencing. When your teacher was a student he/she also had to pass the exams. So they will always understand you.

It is impossible to cancel exams. They are designed to check pupils’ and students’ knowledge. They help to understand how well a person knows the subject. So, how to overcome the fear before an exam?

Before the exam

You should prepare yourself for each question type. You can’t start learning the material in a couple of days. The best option is to create a plan of individual preparation. You should manage your time in a proper way to catch everything. You will achieve the best results following your plan.

But first of all you need to decide what material you already know and what questions you need to remind. Firstly pay attention to the most difficult moments. You can learn the material well by regular repetitions and exercises. Draw several tables or write down the most important information on a single sheet of paper so you always “have it on hand”. After all preparations are done take at least a couple of days for revision. You shouldn't work the last day before the exam despite the fact that most of students don’t follow this rule. The same thing in sport: the day before the competition it is not recommended to train. Relax in the final day, encourage yourself for long training. Take a walk or go to the store, listen to music or watch a movie. And one more tip: go to bed in time because in the examination day you should be cheerful and full of energy!

During the written exam

1. Read the problems carefully.

2. Start with the simplest task for you. This will help you to focus and will let you believe in yourself.

3. If you need a detailed answer to a question, firstly plan your answer, take everything you know together.

4. It is very important to use all the time limit instead of terminating prematurely.

5. Before submitting the work check it again and make sure you've written everything you know concerning the assignments.

During the oral exam

1. When you take your oral exam, do not worry too much because the examiner is acquainted with you (in the most cases). Try to deal with stress and focus on answers.

2. There must be a contact between you and your teacher, move the dialogue, think aloud. And the most important: look directly into examiner’s eyes instead of looking at the ceiling or floor. You will demonstrate your self-confidence and sincerity.

3. Try not to answer questions using too complicated sentences or memorized phrases. The main goal is to show your understanding of the material.

We hope these simple tips will help you to overcome the exam fear partially or completely. Perhaps you will find a few tips yourself so passing the exam will be guaranteed for you!

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