How to Learn Fast Typing

Some professionals type over 350 characters per minute. Want to type fast and cope with long homework essays in the shortest time? You should practice enough and follow the recommendations given below to become a pro in this thing.

There are different common techniques how to learn fast typing. In general the learning process can be divided into 3 parts. First you should learn the approximate position of each character on your keyboard. Learn how to split the keyboard on several regions by fingers so you have easy access to each key. You can find plenty of different schemes-images in the Internet that will probably help you.

Then you should learn the most frequently used combinations of letters (such as “th”, “ed”, etc) and learn to type them fast. When you are done with the previous 2 steps you just need more and more training to improve your skills and minimize the quantity of errors.

To make the learning process more exciting you may participate in different online competitions, games and special applications (such as Solo).

Finally you are a pro and long texts are easy for you to type. What is next? Well if you spend a lot of time for typing and your job is directly related with this activity you may think about buying special ergonomic keyboards. One of the most popular keyboards in this section is represented by Kinesis Corporation. Ergonomic keyboards are developed for your personal comfort and productivity having a special shape and location of the keys. They allow to type even faster and don’t let you get tired all the day long.

Hope our advice will help you to progress and do homework assignments more efficiently.

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