Is the Homework Necessary?

Is the homework necessary? For many students the question of the effectiveness of homework is still open. Supporters of the claim “homework is necessary” clue that it contributes to better learning of the material; they try to complete it as good as they can. Their opponents believe that homework has harmful impact on learning motivation and they generally consider it as waste of time.

Homework can be defined as a set of tasks given to a student for self-study in order to grasp the material at home.What is its role in studying? Do we have examples of successful practice of studying at school or university without homework? A lot of scientists worldwide wrote various books, articles and did lot of research using questionnaires, interviews and analysis trying to answer these questions.

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of homework.

One can define three positive effects. Firstly, the homework has a direct positive impact on learning, improves understanding and the ability to process information independently and develops critical thinking. Secondly, it causes a long term effect of training. And thirdly, it provides non-academic effects including the improvement of self-discipline and self-management, curiosity and the ability to organize own time and work yourself.

Among the negative outcomes we may highlight redundancy of material leading to the loss of interest to the studying, physical and moral tiredness, cheating by copying solutions from other students or seeking answers elsewhere.

No doubt, students use their habits and skills they've got while completing homework in their further life. Therefore in order to make doing homework effective teachers should follow certain guidelines. Students should see the benefits of completing homework. A teacher should explain the purpose of homework in general as well as some portions of the tasks. Moreover, teacher should take into account the individual characteristics of each student to show the maximum interest for him. In addition, homework should be differentiated by the time to be spent on its completing, and the difficulty level.

Motivating students for doing homework is a continuous process. It can be done through comments and questions both in written and oral forms to demonstrate the interest of the teacher, especially in case of self-studying or working on the project.

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