Are you ready for the Valentine’s Day?

Still don’t know how to impress your girlfriend on this special day? Read the article and learn how to apply mathematical and programming skills to create a romantic atmosphere. We have also prepared some exclusive discounts for all our customers.

How to plot a heart with graphing tools.

First you should choose any graphing program that allows creating plots of implicit functions. You can choose either online tool (Wolfram Alpha, for example) or desktop application (e.g. Advanced Grapher, Maple, Matlab or even Excel). I will use Maple for the examples given below.

Define a plotting color up to your choice (preferably, red or pink).

There are several mathematical expressions that you can use to plot a heart.

Click on the link to a PDF with 3 Valentine hearts examples.

You may print lots of similar images, then buy a few aromatic candles and decorate your room to create a romantic evening for your girlfriend.



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