Online education – progress or fault

There appear lots of different educational projects that offer online education last time. Online quizzes and tests have already become a standard of testing students’ knowledge and skills. How does online studying help students in learning the material? Can on-campus education be replaced by online education in future?

Educational platforms

Rapid technological progress gives us ultrafast Internet together with easy access to one of the greatest human legacy – knowledge. It allows us to find the information and share it with others, learn how to play the guitar or dance like Michael Jackson, even make a virtual trip to Paris or Grand Canyon. But the question is: can the Internet become a good tutor? Nowadays we watch radical changes in the sphere of education. Such projects as Pearson, Coursera and EdX have a large community of over 1 million students around the world. It is a great step to the international education that cancels all borders and connects students from India, Germany, Egypt and USA. Could you imagine 10 thousand students attending the same virtual classroom? Now it is quite possible.

Online services and forums

Online studying can also help you to understand some difficult topics. Professional online services represent another category that correlates with online education and Assignment4Student is one of them. They usually have a team of experts where each expert is responsible for some specific scientific sphere. You submit your assignment and get full solutions with detailed explanations and comments. You can directly communicate with the expert and ask him questions if anything is not so clear for you – that’s one of the benefits. Our experts don’t use templates; every work is individual so you shouldn’t worry about plagiarism. Of course, there is a plenty of forums where you can post your question and get some help concerning particular assignment but they are not qualitative and efficient enough.

Still not perfect

Is online education a panacea for modern society? Just imagine a surgeon who has got his qualification after finishing a couple of online medicine courses. Of course, he was a smart student, watched all the lectures and passed all the quizzes. Do you trust him to remove cancerous tumor, for example? Obviously, the answer is – no. Online education can give a good theoretical background but students need more practice to become an expert in any sphere. Not always real life situations give us 4 options (A, B, C or D) to choose and 1 correct answer. In the most situations you have to find the answer yourself or at least know whom to ask for a help.

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