The history of Java language

   The history of Java dates back to 1991, when a group of engineers of the Sun company under the leadership of Patrick Naughton and a member of the Board of Directors took up the development of a small language that could be used for programming of consumer devices, such as controllers for switching channels of cable television.

   As these devices do not consume much power and do not have large memory chips, the language had to be very small and generate compact programs. Besides, since different manufacturers may choose different CPUs (Central Processor Unit), it was important not to get stuck in any one computer architecture. The project was code-named "Green".

   In an effort to invent a small, compact and machine-independent code, developers revived the model used in the implementation of the first versions of Pascal at the dawn of the era of personal computers. Niklaus Wirth, creator of the Pascal language, once developed a machine-independent language that generated intermediate code for a hypothetical machine. This language became a commercial product called UCSD Pascal. (Such hypothetical machines are often called virtual - for example, a Java virtual machine, or JVM.)This intermediate code can be run on any machine with the appropriate interpreter. Engineers working on the project "Green” also used the virtual machine, which solved their main problem.

   However, most of the Sun staff had experience with the UNIX operating system, so the basis of the developed language became the C++ language, rather than Pascal. In particular, they made the language object- and not procedure-oriented. As Gosling said in an interview: "The language is always a means, not an end in itself." Gosling had decided to call it "Oak". (Perhaps because he liked to look at the oak growing right under the windows of his office in Sun headquarters.) Then the staff of Sun learned that the word Oak already used as the name of a previously created a programming language, and changed the name to Java.

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