Stimulating the brain

   American researchers from Vanderbilt University in Nashville (Tennessee) proved the possibility to control learning capacities by passing mild electric current through the brain.

   20 minutes of "brain stimulation", and the result is obvious: the subjects made significantly fewer errors and noticed their mistakes faster than they did without stimulation of the brain. Volunteers who participated in the test showed greater precision when completing tasks: they were more attentive and careful, less spontaneous when performing tasks. If they made a mistake, they corrected it with greater accuracy than before the experiment. The instrument through which the electric current is passed is an ordinary electroencephalograph. According to participants, the procedure was painless. In an article published in the Neuroscience Journal, researchers from Vanderbilt University claim that the results of their research may help those who wish to improve their learning skills, as well as be used as a treatment of diseases such as schizophrenia.

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