IT and innovation in medicine

   Innovations in medicine are not static. They change rapidly due to IT development. We know that medicine is a conservative industry in any country of the world, but nonetheless, medical startups are gaining in popularity.

   Now everyone having a computer, tablet or smart phone can use qualified medical advice, keep track of their physical parameters, do a DNA test fast and cheap, monitor the status of their posture and more.

   23andMe is a relatively new medical startup based in the US Anne Wojcicki (ex-wife of Google founder Sergey Brin). The company provides remote studies of DNA on the basis of biomaterial sent by mail. The customer receives a laboratory set, spits in a special vessel and sends it back. In a few weeks, he receives information about his ancestors and genetic information. It costs just $99.The company’s investments amount to $68 million.

   HealthTap (online consultation with doctors) is a mobile application for Android- and iOS-based smart phones, through which the patient can access professional advice of a doctor from literally every part of the world (where there is access to the internet). The team of doctors has over 50,000 professionals. Every doctor has a rating, which is lowered in case of incorrect answer. The system is configured so that the user will get an answer to their question as soon as possible – the question is referred to a doctor based on the professional field as well as on the use of an algorithm that examines who is on duty on-line. The creators of the resource warn that a doctor’s opinion on «HealthTap» is not a diagnosis, but in some cases can save lives.

   Alive Cor (cardiac monitoring) is an iPhonECG program of medical startup AliveCor, which can monitor the cardiovascular system through iPhone. Cardiac monitoring is a very useful thing for athletes and those at risk of cardio-vascular diseases. The main idea of Dr. David Albert, chief developer of the project was to create a simple and affordable device for everyday use. Combining his 30 years of experience as a cardiologist and modern IT-technology achievements, he created a device for monitoring heart costing only $100, while similar medical devices cost several thousand dollars. The developer assures that the device’s functionality is not inferior to that of expensive stationary heart monitor. The system consists of the iPhonECG program and two types of cover plates. The first option is designed as a cover you put on the back of your iPhone, another one is a thin plastic card compatible with other Apple products.

   Ekso Bionics. The company is a good example of innovation in medicine. The medical exo-skeleton from the developers of Ekso Bionics helps people who have long been confined to a wheelchair learn to walk again. It has engines placed in the thigh and knee areas. The velocity and stride length can be set using the remote control. A pair of crutches is included in the exo-skeleton, because a patient who does not feel his legs would otherwise feel insecure. A person needs 10 minutes to put the device on while sitting in a wheelchair. This invention costs $ 110,000, so the mass distribution shouldn’t be expected soon.

   Thus, if you plan to open the startup and need help with programming, contact us.

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