How To Stay Healthy Working on the Computer

   Many students work at the computer for a big part of the day. So you have to think about how to organize your work. Your computer is definitely harmful – no one keeps arguing today.

   Healthy working on computer

   Even technological progress alongside with the development of new operating systems and improving computing devices is persistently moving toward medical safety of intelligent machines - and thus recognizes the hazards present today. In what ways is a computer harmful, and how to reduce these adverse effects? Let’s find out.

- Workplace

   I think this is the main point. We have to like the place where we spend more than half of our time. It should be as comfortable as possible. We must be attentive to the lighting. It should better be artificial, because sunlight is unsteady and it can flicker, thus the computer should be moved away from the window. Selection of lighting is individual, but you should remember that excess of light is better than lack of it. Also, do not work in front of the monitor in a completely dark room. It has an adverse effect on your eyes. Therefore, when working on the computer in the evening and at night, be sure to switch on the light in the room!

   There should be enough free space on the table. Remove all trash and leave only the things you need, so that nothing distracts you. To reduce muscle tension, hands should lie on the table and not hang in front it.

- Eyesight

   Keep the distance. It’s in our power to minimize the harmful effects of computer on our vision. To do this, first of all mind the distance from the monitor to the eyes - it must be at least 50 centimetres. It is better if the top edge of the screen is be located at eye level or slightly below.Make a break. Every hour you should make a 5-10 minute break so that your eyes can relax and not be overstrained. You can spend this time exercising your eyes.Fight "dry eyes". When working long hours at the computer, your eyes start to feel dry, so you need to constantly moisturize them. Here’s an exercise that helps: close your eyes and rotate them with your eyelids tight shut. Since exercising your eyes leads to muscle development, regularity and frequency are important. There are many different methods, but to simply relax the eye, a series of 5 exercises is usually enough:

- Shut your eyes tight for 3 sec., then open them for 3 sec. Repeat 5 times.

- Blink fast for 30-60 sec.

- Gently massage your eyes through closed eyelids with circular motions of your index fingers for 30 seconds.

- Take turns looking at an object close by and looking at the distance. It is an important exercise for training the accommodative muscle. Then massage the eye through the eyelids once again.

   Try to do these exercises 2-4 times a day, but do not overdo it: eyes do not need extra load.

- Posture

   Think about the position you are used to when sitting at the desk. Make sure that your body is in a comfortable and correct position when you work. Buy a high-quality ergonomic chair and mind your posture. Wrists and hands should be relaxed and the keyboard should be comfortable.

- Drink more water

   Help the body stay hydrated. It’s easy to do at home: your favourite cup and clean cool water are always close at hand. If you feel awfully thirsty, it’s high time you took a sip.

- Move more

   It is important to move when taking a break. A walk outside is particularly useful, and the more the better. Some exercises can be done sitting in a chair. Keep fit, and the performance will only increase.

- Manage your time

   You should monitor how much time your work at the computer takes. Only in this way can control your health and productivity of your work. There are many applications to help you, such as Timer Control. One can also save much time with our service - we provide help with math and programming.

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