Career Trends

The labour market is changing rapidly, as the need for new and promising occupations grows with the development of global technology and constant progress. New interesting professions, which are in high demand, supplant the old ones.

The majority of new and/or promising jobs in the labour market now appear in the IT field.

It is a global trend, brought about by the development of new technologies and electronic devices market, the ever-increasing need for knowledge in the field of computer technology, business and analytics, the emergence of new research subjects (e.g., virtual worlds, big data, cloud technologies), appearance of new programming languages and the importance of the user as the main consumer of companies’ sites, which is constantly growing.

Even today we can observe virtual reality creation specialists, RFID-tag engineers, game beta testers, RTB (especially DSP) product managers, IT-specialists in the domain of human interface, quantum computing software engineers, experts in interaction with robots, nanotechnologists / nanotechnology engineers appear on the labour market.

In the near future, jobs in healthcare as well as in pharmaceuticals industry will appear or gain popularity. Moreover, the pharmaceutical market is booming due to the entry of a huge number of new medicines. This means that the domain requires professionals who understand marketing as one of the key elements of the business process of any company. Medical sphere is gaining momentum due to the endless strife for victory over aging and disease. The issue of natality and mortality is also very relevant. The constant introduction of new technologies is changing the whole system of treatment and diagnosis of diseases. Today, we can see new professions emerge in this area, such as a specialist in nuclear medicine, nanonutricianist, neurobiologist, valveologist, wellness consultant, gerontologist, genetic engineering specialist and E-Detailer.

Interpersonal communication problems, arising due to the development of Internet communications, the ever-accelerating pace of life, the tired person syndrome, conflicts due to the increasing levels of emotionality, as well as the example of foreign countries gradually make popular the area of psychology and HR. Due to the need for a favourable working environment for the team, professions in the sphere of motivation and adaptation of the staff will emerge more and more often.

Here we can find the following positions: employer branding specialist, labour psychology specialist, gamification specialist, life coach, social integration worker, ergonomics expert and mediator.

Other spheres, where rapid development should be expected, are biotechnology, environment, space industry, climate study, education and industry.

Shortage of natural resources will make us look for new, alternative ones. Thus, new professions will also appear in the mining industry.

SMM and digital marketing will become catalysts for the development of marketing and advertising. The need for branding, introduction of new products into market, increasing sales, improving the image and taking the business "online", as well as the need for a more thorough study of competition lead to the apparition of new jobs in this area.

A new stage in the development of the labour market awaits construction and architecture. This is primarily due to the new trend - urban planning.

The development of science will be centred on quantum physics, mathematical modeling and cybernetics; demand for specialists in linguistics (especially for specialists in Eastern languages) will also increase.

The need to control ever-increasing traffic flow will lead to the popularity of professions in logistics.

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