Boost your Memory

Can't remember the name of that beautiful blonde from yesterday's night party? It's time to think about boosting your memory! Follow these simple rules, do exercises regularly and you brain will really surprise you.

Firstly, regularly go outside to aerate your blood. Often get out in nature in the warm season. Regularly ventilate the room where you spend a lot of time.

Secondly, get enough sleep. Your memory will not work at 100%, if you do not sleep well. Brain cells are restored at night, so naps during the day won’t help. Sleep at least 7 hours at night.

Thirdly, give up bad habits. People who smoke memorize information much worse than those who do not have this addiction. Alcohol also weakens your memory, so you should think twice before drinking one more glass of rum.

Fourthly, be physically active. Move more and do sports. It improves blood circulation in the brain.

Exercises for the development of memory

Besides eating and healthy lifestyle, you should do some exercises that will help the development of memory. However, you will get good results only if you do them regularly.

Exercise № 1 - total recall

Before going to sleep, already in bed, start to remember everything that happened with you that day, but in reverse order. It won’t be easy at first, but doing this exercise regularly, in two weeks’ time you will easily recall everything.

Exercise № 2 - keep the information in virtual cabinets

This exercise will help you to remember texts. After reading a text, try to imagine the following scene: You are in a room where many different cabinets. You put your text in one of them. And at a time when you need to recall this text, you can just approach this cabinet and get it.

Exercise № 3 - learn synonyms

You will need an assistant for this exercise. He must write a few words. Your task is to think up the synonyms to these words and write them on the other side of the paper. Then, you cover the original words and looking at synonyms, try to remember the words of the first column. Later, word count should increase.

Reading is another effective way to develop memory. When we read, we make our brains work and increase our vocabulary, because we remember what a particular word means. Our imagination visually displays the things we just read, and this helps to remember the text, and thus enhances memory.

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