Body Language and Job Interview

Job interview is always a lot of stress both for the interviewer and the candidate. Every detail is important: your resume, skills, your speech and even your gestures! Learn how to use your body language to ensure the interviewer that you are the most suitable candidate.

The main body language mistakes:

  1. Do not lean back on the chair too much. It makes you seem lazy and arrogant. Do not lean forward too much. You risk seeming aggressive to your companion. Aim at a neutral position.

  2. Do not break visual contact quickly. It may show that you are unreliable or too nervous. Keep visual contact, especially during the handshake.

  3. Do not nod too much. You will look like a doll. If you agree with a person, nod once, but not more.

  4. Throwing your arms about provokes aggression.

  5. Crossed hands look like a defensive position. Do not take this position, especially when answering a question. Try to keep your arms at your sides.

  6. Constant shifting in your chair will immediately show that you're nervous. Avoid this at all costs.

  7. Do not keep your hands behind your back or in your pockets. You may look cruel and inflexible. Try to be natural, keep your hands relaxed.

  8. Do not look up or look around. It shows you are keeping something to yourself or simply lying.

  9. An intent gaze is interpreted as aggression. Control your eyes.

  10. Smile. A stone face makes people feel uncomfortable and makes them wonder if you want to be there at all. Share your smile, especially if you meet this person for the first time.

  11. Do not step back when you ask for a decision. It gives away fear or uncertainty. Stay where you are or even make a small but firm step forward.

  12. Do not keep your palms up. It looks like begging and speaks of weakness.

  13. Do not stand with hands in your hips. It conveys aggression.

  14. Do not look at your phone all the time. It means you are not interested or someone is already waiting for you elsewhere. Besides, it speaks of your ignorance of etiquette.

So, what are you to do? Try to keep your back straight. Stand up straight, keep your hands at your sides, or put them on your knees when seated. You have to look natural. 

If you see that you have a problem with one or two gestures from the list, practice in front of the mirror or with a friend who can alert you every time you make a mistake, until you learn to control yourself.

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