Thoughts about the Future of Education

This article continues the topic about dreaming about the future of education. How will the classic universities and colleges change? What is the role of artificial intelligence in the education of the future? How will recruiters use your social media profiles to search for the best candidate? And what areas are the most perspective? Just read this article to reveal the secrets.

Elite Universities Will Remain

Although universities will have competitors, elite institutions will remain. Leading universities are primarily research universities where research dominates the learning process. Elite universities will lure students with learning in small groups, the highest quality education and excellent teaching staff. But such education will, as before, be available to the chosen only because of high cost.

IT-Solutions in Training

The development of IT-technologies will bring interesting technical solutions in education. The creation of resources for the so-called adaptive learning that uses artificial intelligence has already started. Based on which online courses a person takes up, what score they get, with what tasks they cope, and with which tasks they don’t, the system will build a virtual map of the user's knowledge and "suggest" what he still needs to revise. It is possible that such a virtual tutor will accompany a person from the first class.

Another solution that will change education is the neurointerface, a system that allows our brain to communicate with the computer and give it commands (there are trial versions already). As a minimum, it will create another opportunity for people with disabilities to receive an education.

Hunting for Talents

Access to education will make a global hunt for talent possible in the future. Projects such as Coursera have the opportunity to fully analyse how the student behaved while studying, for example, whether he was an active participant in the discussions, whether he passes online tests quickly and what is his score, how many times he replayed the lecture. Access to such information will enable leading companies to find their ideal employees. Also, thanks to the emergence of full-fledged undergraduate or master's programs which will be held entirely in the mode of mass online courses, anyone, regardless of their country of residence, will be able to get a degree in any country.

The Most Promising Areas

The most popular areas of training during the next five to seven years will be robotic technologies, artificial intelligence, 3D-design, augmented and virtual reality, cloud technologies, bioinformatics and IT in medicine, IT in education, etc. These are results of the survey among students, top managers and analysts. Due to this fact, new professions will appear in the near future, such as, for example, 3D-printing engineer, virtual reality architect, designer of online courses and even designer of GMOs.

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